Arizona Police Academy Training Fitness Test

The overall amount of crime that occurs every day is Arizona is extremely alarming and crime rates continue to increase.

The only way to reduce crime in the state is by increasing the number of law enforcement officers and by implementing improved law enforcement methods. If you want to help your state reduce its crime rate, you can do so by becoming a law enforcement officer.

To begin the process, all you would have to do is apply at any of the Arizona law-enforcement agencies in the state. But before filling out the application and taking the exams, we highly recommend you visit for helpful police training exam guides.

Once you receive and fill out your application, you will be invited to the exam area for a few evaluations and tests. The tests that you will have to take includes a lie detector test, a psychological evaluation and lastly a background check. To pass the lie detector test, it’s rather simple, just truthfully answer any of the questions they may ask you.

The lie detector machine can pick up the slightest change in your heartbeat and body temperature, and if they think you’re not being honest you will not be able to proceed with the rest of the exam.

The psychological evaluation is given to make sure that applicants have the mental capability of becoming a police officer. And lastly, the background check is self-explanatory, they check to see if you have any criminal record.

If you happen to pass all of the exams you’re given, you will then be sent to the actual police academy. But before you send in your application, be sure that you have met these basic requirements:

1. You must be a citizen of the United States of America
2. You must be 21 years of age or older
3. You can’t have any prior felonies on your record
4. Your background check can not include any records of you selling or using controlled substances

After these fulfillments are met, it means that you can then enroll in the police academy, but you would still need to pass a physical exam. The exam is separated into 5 areas:

1. 1.5 mile run

The applicant will have 16 minutes to complete the run. This run will take place on a 440-yard track where the applicant is required to run and complete a total of 6 laps. Each lap has a distance of 0.25 miles which makes the entire run 1.5 miles.

2. Sit ups

Having strong abdominal muscles is necessary for a job like this, and you will be tested by doing a total of 28 reps of situps. The situps will be done with the applicant’s feet touching the ground while bending at the knee at a 90-degree angle. A designated helper will be holding the applicant’s feet to help avoid movement and the applicant hands will be interlocked behind his or hers neck. The applicant can attempt to do as many situps as possible but the limit is 28

3. 300-meter sprint

Within a total time of 73.2 seconds, the applicant must complete a sprint of only three-quarters of a lap. So measured in yards it would be a total of 440

4. Agility run

The applicant will be tested on how agile or quick they are and the test will be completed in 21.8 seconds or less. He os she will have 3 chances to complete this test and the best score of the 2 is used

5. Push ups

The applicant will have to complete a total of 24 pushups. And while 24 is the threshold, more can be completed if the applicant is able to do so. But each push up must be perfectly executed in order to pass the test.

A perfectly executed push up is performed with the palms faced firmly on the ground, with these back, arms, and legs completely straight at the starting position. And to be sure that each push up is performed correctly, the examiner will place his fist below his chest, and the chest of the applicants must come in contact with the fist while in motion and back to start starting position

Each of the physical tests must be passed by the applicant in order to complete and pass the exam. It the applicant fails the tests, they would have to wait until the next round of exams to take them again. These are the minimum requirements, but to increase the chances of qualifying, be sure to do you best! Also, be sure to visit for affordable guides that help you get ready for all of the exams.

After passing the exam, the applicant is sent to The Arizona Law Enforcement Academy (ALEA). It’s a state of the art police training facility located in Phoenix. Here you’ll be trained in both mental and physical aspect of police work.