Listen to Baltimore Police Scanner Online Free

Listening to police scanners has grown in popularity as a hobby in recent years. Each day, new people discover how much fun and informative that it can be. You just find the police feed that you think is interesting and start listening. You never know what might happen next.

Most of the time, finding a police scanner for Baltimore, Maryland is as easy as going online or downloading an app. Most websites and apps are organized by location, so you find Baltimore by looking for Maryland, by searching for the county or even starting with the United States and narrowing it down from there. And most of the websites offer these scanning services without any cost to you of any kind.

Listening to a police scanner is a common way that people learn about crime in their community. And crime is a controversial topic in Baltimore, Maryland. Maybe you just want to learn more about what the police do. Maybe you don’t trust the police and you want to listen in to see if they are doing anything they shouldn’t do while they’re supposed to be protecting and serving the public.

It could be that you find your neighbors interesting and you want to see if they are up to any trouble. There are also emergencies that can affect everyone in the city on a moment’s notice, and it’s important that you have a way to listen to the latest from law enforcement so that you can keep yourself safe.

In the United States, listening to law enforcement communications that are intercepted from radio is absolutely legal. Watch that you don’t accidentally intercept cellular or phone communications, because that’s illegal eavesdropping.

With a high speed internet connection, connect to your computer or phone. Lots of the websites require Adobe Flash or other TV plug-ins, so make sure that your browser is up to date. Most of the sites work with both a PC or a Mac computer.

Broadcastify and Radio Reference are two great websites for you to start with. Both of these sites have feeds from all over the United States, including Baltimore, Maryland. They also have other features that allow you to find new and even user-created broadcasts. Radio Reference also features communication forums so that you can interact with other users to exchange tips or talk about what you hear.

These websites have both browsing and searching options, so it shouldn’t be too hard to find what you’re looking for from the landing page. They also feature other types of official chatter, so you can listen to emergency medical responders, fire department talk or even air and railway traffic. If apps are more your style, consider one of the many free police apps available. 5-0 Police Scanner Lite is a popular, free site and they offer extra features if you go with the paid version. Police Scanner + Free also gets high marks. With Google Play, look for Police Scanner. This app gets gets great reviews.

Other radar enthusiasts like dxzone and Scanner Master. ScannerMaster has extra helpful information that relates to where you can purchase specialized equipment. Make sure you research local laws for Baltimore, Maryland so that you’re in compliance with laws that relate to possessing and listening to police scanners. Have fun with your new hobby. The possibilities are endless.