Listen to Boston Police Radio Frequencies Live Online Free

Want to know everything that’s going on in Boston while it’s happening instead of waiting for it to show up on social media? You may want to know exactly what’s going on in your local neighborhood, find out how the flow of traffic is while on your way to or from work or even an updated forecast of the current weather to avoid getting caught in storms. You have a family member who works in law enforcement or the fire department?

If the answer is yes to any of these questions than we suggest checking out Boston Police Scanners online for free! People from all across the nation uses police scanners online to keep track of traffic reports, firefighters and EMT. Police scanners aren’t just for the use of cops, most sites that give you access to scanners also includes aircraft databases, EMS and railroad communications.

Getting started couldn’t be easier! You don’t have to download any special software to listen in to a Boston police scanner. Basically. all you need to start listening is a decent internet connection (High-speed connections are not mandatory, but it helps improve the overall quality of the frequency.

Also, you can use any operating system including Windows and iOS but we recommend have updated browsers so that there won’t be any compatibility issues. Also, it’s best to make sure that whatever operating system you’re using has up to date drivers and any other software that enables it to run efficiently.

Also, before you start listening in, you would want to make sure that possessing police scanners or listening in is perfectly legal. Fortunately, in the city of Boston, it is absolutely legal to possess a police scanner nor do you need a license to own one or operate one. Does benefits many people in Boston because a lot of people like to use police scanners while driving for many different reasons, so it’s good that they can be used without having to worry about receiving a ticket. As for having one installed on a mobile device, well the law isn’t clear about it yet because mobile technology like police scanner apps are still rather new.

However, citizens using scanner sites for events like the Boston marathon have complicated things. Local police took the frequencies down to avoid confusion. While it hasn’t led to any changes in the law, it may change one day. It made public police scanners more popular. Meanwhile, you can visit free sites like when you want to listen to public feeds. Just search for Boston and listen in. Radio Reference is possibly the best scanner site around. It’s also considered to be the most complete. You can also tune in to international frequencies. allows you to listen to audio feeds and broadcast them too. It’s easy to use and the interface is easy on the eyes so you can easily switch feeds. UStream is another popular site. While UStream is primarily used for live video streams, but you can listen to Boston police scanners also. We suggest visiting these 3 sites and see which one has the features you like the most. Best of all, all three of the sites are completely free!