Listen to Live Charlotte Police Scanner Frequencies Online Free

You don’t need to reach for your wallet in order to listen to the Charlotte, North Carolina (CMPD) police scanner. Today, cumbersome equipment is a thing of the past. Listening in to what the police are doing in Charlotte is just a matter of going online.

There are lots of websites competing for your online attention. Some are easy to navigate while others have a large amount of information. Some other websites might look inviting but they contain viruses and other computer malware that it’s important for you to avoid. Here are some of the best websites for you to listen to the Charlotte, North Carolina (CMPD) police today:

Streema — This website is made for the listener and there are many police streams available. When you get to the website, locate the search box by looking at the top of the page on the right hand side.

Type in Charlotte and hit enter. That should bring up a list of cities. Charlotte should be the first option, and you want to click on that link. You get all the radio stations from Charlotte that are available, not just the police scanner.

From there, look for where it says genre and that should give you the option to locate three scanners that offer both the police and local fire department. From there, make your selection and start listening.

Broadcastify is another site that you want to try out if you’re starting off in the hobby of listening to police scanners. The makers of this website put a lot of time into its development, so it’s nice to look at. They also made sure it had big capacity, so you don’t have to worry that your feed is going to cut out or start spinning if there’s a big event and everyone’s trying to listen at once.

The creators even made this site to work with the players you already have on your computer such as itunes, winamp and media player. Follow links or search for Charlotte police scanner in the search function. Metro Areas is the genre you want to look for, and Charlotte should be listed here. It then gives you the police, fire and even railroad scanners available for your perusal.

This website even takes the next step of listing whether each feed is online or offline so you don’t waste any time. You get to choose what player you want to use to listen.

TuneIn – This website has a lot of variety. You can listen to police feeds for as long as you want to and then flip over and listen to another radio channel. There is a search function so you can find what you want quickly.

Policescan – Although this website has a very simple design, it functions well. You have to leaf through the many scanners that are right on the front page, but you can use the control and find feature of your computer to do this quickly. You can listen directly by clicking on Charlotte’s link when you find it.

Some people have online blogs that they use to note when something important is happening in Charlotte, North Carolina (CMPD). So if you’re out of other options, make sure you try a generic internet search. From there you should find a list of blogs that can keep you updated until the live radio feeds return.

If you don’t download anything, you don’t have to worry about viruses or malware. If any website asks you for large amounts of data, be wary. Otherwise, you can listen to your heart’s content.