Listen To Chicago Police Radio Frequencies Online Free

A good citizen knows what’s going on the community. Not only is listening to a police scanner entertaining, it also keeps you informed about current events in your community, as they happen. Listening to a police scanner can keep you safe and help you avoid danger in your community.

There are many websites available today that offer police scanning services for law enforcement in the Chicago area. They’re not all created the same. You need to sift through the myriad of websites that want your attention. Keep reading to see what the best police scanning options for Chicagoland have to offer.

1. Chicago Scanner – This is an easy and convenient way to hear the Chicago police scanner. The creators of this service built it just for using it to listen to the City of Chicago. That means there’s not a large chance of heavy traffic weighing the site down. You can access the steam right on the website’s homepage. There are other frequencies available on the website and you can choose those from links on other places on the website.

2. radio.gjoy24 – Use this website if you want to keep it simple. This website is designed to function with all the simplicity of an app, so it’s simple to use, without a lot of bells and whistles. To get there, find the right link or do a search for Chicago Police in the right corner on top of the screen, where there is a search box. Either way, you get a list of police and fire department radios, and from there you can pick the one that you want. Click on your link of choice and start listening.

3. Broadcastify – Broadcastify put a lot of time into making a good-looking website. The website has high capabilities so it has never suffered accidental downtime because of high traffic. You can use this website to stream from a lot of different players such as itunes, media player and winamp. There are links you can use to find Chicago or use the search box at the bottom of the page. When you find Chicago, click on Cook County. You can choose from a variety of scanners, even railway scanners, in addition to police and fire. The website tells you whether each streamer is online at any given moment.

4. – Listen to scanners from Chicago, the rest of the United States and even some of Canada and New Zealand with this website. Once you get to the landing page, search for Chicago and hit enter. Click on Chicago when you get the search results and that takes you to the radio stations in Chicago. You then see where you have options for genres, and you want to select the scanner link. From there, choose the police or fire streamer you want and listen in.

Use these streaming services to listen to police scanners in Chicago. These cites are established and trustworthy. Malware and viruses are not common problems with any of these sites. Start listening with your favorite scanner today and get in the know with everything happening in Chicago.