Colorado Police Academy Training

Colorado employs about 10,000 police officers to protect its population of 5 million+ people. Having a need for so many police officers means that aspiring police officers have plenty of career opportunities in law enforcement.

Becoming a police officer requires candidates you must first meet a few requirements. While there’s an established list of criteria, a few local police and departments have additional prerequisites that applicants must meet.

And while it’s not officially a requirement, applicants with an associate‚Äôs degree or higher is sometimes favorably considered for law enforcement jobs over those who just meet the minimum requirements. Preparing for police exams is extremely important, and that’s why we recommend all those who aspire to become a police officer to visit for plenty of useful info and guides on becoming a police officer.

Colorado Police Officer Requirements

The Colorado Peace Officer Standards and Training Board (POST) oversees the training and certification of all law enforcement personnel. The entire process is quite selective to make sure that the police officers are prepared to fully serve the public in the best and most respectable manner possible. The requirements to become a police officer in the state of Colorado are similar to most states. The most basic requirement is that all applicants must have a high school diploma or GED. Though, some police departments to require a college degree.

The minimum requirements for becoming a police officer in Colorado includes:

  • A high school diploma or GED
  • 21 years old by the hire hate
  • First aid and CPR certificates
  • POST-approved basic training program completion
  • Be willing to take an extensive background check including fingerprint cards
  • POST certification exam
  • Physical exam by a licensed physician
  • Psychological examination by a licensed psychiatrist

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Personal Standards for Colorado Police Officers

Police officers around the country and for the most part judged by how they treat people once they take the uniform off.

Law enforcement personnel in Colorado are expected to behave with the highest level of ethics and moral at all times. Now, having said that, no one is perfect and there will be times where officers may not act the way people expect them to.

But as a police officer in Colorado, this is something to be aware of before actually applying. The task of being a police officer is definitely not an easy one, but it is definitely a fulfilling one.

A few of the things that are expected from police officers in Colorado is first, honest and ethical behavior. As an officer, you will always be given the benefit of the doubt in most situations. It is up to you to make sure not to use that power in a negative and untruthful way. Secondly, you are expected to follow all the rules of the law.

This basically means that you should strive to become a perfect example to all citizens. Having god self-judgment is also important. There will be times where you will have to judge a situation without the help of others. And as a police officer, you have to be sure to be ready to handle those situations. And lastly, you will be expected to respect all of the citizens you’re sworn to protect regardless of race, financial status or political affiliation.

Possible Disqualifications

Just like most states, there are a few things that can disqualify an applicant instantly. Offenses such as felonies are an automatic red flag, but some misdemeanors are accepted. Here are a few that are not:

  • Any form of Sexual assault
  • Any form of Child abuse
  • Driving while intoxicated
  • Any form of domestic violence and felonies

Most traffic violations and/or accidents can greatly affect your chances of becoming a police officer in the state of Colorado. mainly because as an officer, you will be driving around in a squad car at very fast speeds. So if you’ve been found guilty of some type of traffic violation in the past, they will not look good on your record.

The need for police officers in Colorado may rise by nearly 10% in the coming years and the starting pay is great! For Colorado, the pay starts at nearly $65,000 a year, which is way more than most starting salaries.

Becoming an officer is a life changing decision and is very beneficial. And if you are serious about becoming an officer soon, be sure to visit for affordable guides that can help you pass your exams and interviews. Good luck!