Listen to Colorado Springs Police Scanner Frequencies Online Free

It used to take a lot of work to listen to a police scanner. You had to get a CB radio and painfully learn how to use it. Because it was so much work and the result was uncertain, it wasn’t a very popular activity.

But listening to police activity and other radio communications is important. There’s the story of an Asian man who saved an entire crew of a sinking ship by listening to a radio scanner. He heard the panicked conversations of the men and called the local coast guard.

Fortunately, you don’t need to spend hours of time and money to figure out how to listen in to law enforcement in Colorado Springs these days. Today, ordinary people listen to police scanners for lots of different reasons.

You can hear about disruptions in traffic so that you can avoid getting stuck in a traffic jam on the way to an important family event or on the way to work. You can hear minute-by-minute weather reports that let you know when and where to avoid big Colorado storms. If nothing else, listening to a police radio scanner is a fun way to hear your tax dollars at work.

Today, if you have the internet and a device with a browser or an app, that’s all you need to connect and start listening. Some of these websites rely on Adobe Flash, so Apple computers might have a harder time with the listening experience, but Apple creates flash apps to help. Most of the sites are user friendly and built for large amounts of traffic.

Broadcastify is one great site for you to listen to police scanners. There is no charge to use this site. To find the scanner for the department you want to listen to, search for Colorado Springs in the search bar. From there you can search by county or use the convenient map to click on the area you want to listen to.

There is a player embedded in the site that you can use to listen with, or you can choose the player that you want to use. With so many preferences, users of this website usually find the process simple. provides radio from many locations and genres. It bills itself as the largest provider of radio data in the world. Users generate the site, so there are occasionally out-of-date frequencies, but also frequent updates to the latest available options as well. There’s a search function that’s easy to use. There are also user forums so you can gain insider tips from other users. You have to register, but it’s free.

TuneIn is another popular radio streaming service. It offers radio stations from all over the world, including police department feeds from Colorado Springs. You need Microsoft Silverlight on PC or Quicktime on Mac or you’re likely to have streaming issues.

These are just some of the many sites that you can use to listen to law enforcement transmissions in Colorado Springs. Check your local laws before you begin. Enjoy the entertainment and the endless possibilities that come with listening to law enforcement.