Listen To LAPD Police Scanner Online Free, Stream Los Angeles County Live

There is no more exciting city in the world than Los Angeles. The city is famous for so many things. When you come to Los Angeles you expect to see the best in the world, whether it is in the world of entertainment or law enforcement.

And Los Angeles (LAPD) never disappoints. Some of the most infamous crimes in American history happen in Los Angeles. Whether Los Angeles is your home or you’re planning a visit, you need to keep in touch with all of the crimes that happen in the city. It’s a large city, and unfortunately, a city with a large amount of crime.

But you can keep yourself safe. If you’re planning to make Los Angeles your home, you need to know where the hotbeds of crime are in the city. If you’re in the city for a holiday, you need to know what places to avoid and what the most serious crimes are to watch out for.

One way you can learn what’s going on is by listening to a Los Angeles (LAPD) police scanner. This is a service that intercepts police chatter over public radio and allows you to listen in. There are many websites and apps that bring you this service free of charge. The Los Angeles (LAPD) police department is a very popular department for police scanning. Here are the most popular and top-rated websites for you to check out:

Broadcastify is a great way to start. This a website that brings you the best police scanners in the entire Los Angeles area. They also have a transcription service, so if you miss any audio, you get to read along with the feed, too. The transcription service doesn’t work in real time, though, so don’t expect to read simultaneously. To make the most of this website, you need to make sure that you have the latest Adobe Flash plugin, because the website relies on this device quite a bit to bring you the feeds.

For the Los Angeles (LAPD) police department, try the link www.Broadcastify. If this isn’t exactly what you want, browse through the feeds or search feature to find an option of other things to listen to. In addition to police traffic, you can find air traffic, rail traffic and fire and emergency medical feeds as well.

Venice311 is another site to try, but there’s no transcription service available with this one. You also need Adobe Flash to use this site to the best of the site’s capabilities. Venice311 uses Twitter to help you filter to find the most exciting news. The Tweets may or may not pertain to Los Angeles, but they’re still interesting. Start with the url or look for other great feeds.

LAPDScanner is another option for Los Angeles (LAPD) police feeds. They have both a website and an active Twitter feed. They also give you commentary and things to educate you and keep your listening interesting. You can find them at, and they have Twitter, too. Their Twitter handle is @LAPDScanner.

By using these websites, you’re keeping yourself informed. You might save your life or the life of someone in your family. On the other hand, you might just have fun and hear interesting things.