Louisiana Police Academy Requirements & Qualifications to Be a Cop

Louisiana is known for good music and good food. And recently, they have increased the efficiency of their law enforcement agencies across the state. But right now, the state of Louisiana is searching for qualified applicants like you to help keep all of the citizens across their great state safe at all times.

Now, while Louisiana is known to have a higher crime rate compared to some other states, overall the state is not riddled with crime, it’s mostly just 2 cities, New Orleans and Baton Rouge. But for those of you out there who wants to make a difference by joining the police force, then this guide we created will help you learn a few things about what to expect during the application process. Also, for more in-depth guides on everything you need to know about becoming a police officer, be sure to visit www.PrepareForThePoliceAcademy.com today!

Becoming an official police officer in Louisiana

Now as most people already know, becoming a police officer in the state of Louisiana is not easy. There’s a specific set of minimum requirements that applicants must meet, there are a few tests that need to be taken passed and interviews involving not only the applicant but their family and friends that need to be given.

At first, it may seem a bit overwhelming, but after you get passed the initial interviews and exam, the rest is pretty easy up until you get to the actual police training. As for the minimum requirements, they are: First, every applicant must be at least 18 years old or older to apply.

All applicants must have at least a high school diploma or a GED. The applicant needs to be an actual citizen of the United States of America. And lastly, the applicant must have a good overall driving record, have absolutely no prior felony convictions at all, and must be able to pass a medical exam and drug test.

Now if you’re one of the applicants that meet all of the minimum requirements, then next is the written exams and the fitness tests. The fitness test is meant to push all applicant to their limit in regards to overall stamina. It involves a series of various exercises including running, pushups, situps, vaulting and power-walking.

So in other words, if you know you’re out of shape, the best thing to do is to start working out weeks before you actually apply to become a police officer. Because the results of that fitness test can be the difference between actually passing the training course. This is a vital aspect of training because no matter how many previous tests you pass, you won’t be able to actually graduate police training and become a police officer without passing the fitness test.

After all of the initial exams and tests, the applicant will then have to submit to a thorough background check. Now the background check is really minor unless you have something on your record. If there’s any prior felonies or high-level misdemeanors, then most likely the applicant will instantly be disqualified from becoming a police officer indefinitely.

But not all misdemeanors are treated the same. Meaning, if it’s a minor misdemeanor, they may overlook it. If you want to know more about what to expect during the initial interview and exam phase, be sure to visit www.PrepareForThePoliceAcademy.com for more info.

The Louisiana Police Academy

The next phase of the training process is the actual police academy. In the state of Louisiana, there are a few different academies you may be sent to. This is one of the most important aspects of training because here you’ll learn all the important criminal codes and traffic codes.

They will also teach you how to properly write a police report. In addition to the basics, all applicants will learn how to properly use a firearm. Now, even though on average, most police officers can go their whole entire career without having to draw their weapon, it’s still very important to learn the proper way to use a firearm because on while on patrol, you never know when you may need to use your weapon.

After Graduation

After all of the tests and training, you are then ready for graduation. After graduation, you can then apply to become a full-time police officer in Louisiana. And depending on the city, you can expect to make nearly $42,000 your first year, which is not bad at all.

Plus, you can work overtime and special events to make more money. So now that you know what’s expected from you to become a police officer in Louisiana, we suggest visiting www.PrepareForThePoliceAcademy.com for more in-depth guides that will help you every step of the way!