Listen to Milwaukee Police Scanner Online Free

Residents of Milwaukee are tough minded and ready for anything. There are many weather events in the area and residents have to be prepared for everything. Thunderstorms come to Milwaukee in the spring and summer and snow storms can change plans for many months in the cold, Wisconsin winters.

If you live in Milwaukee, you want to be ready for anything. One way to do this is by using a radio scanner to listen to the activity of the local police and emergency medical services. You can hear what’s happening and be prepared for conditions that change quickly in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Fortunately, your father’s police scanning equipment is a thing of the past. Police scanners are no longer heavy, clunky and cumbersome. Today, you can listen to the police communications of your choice easily, with a computer and the internet. Stream your channel of choice on a tablet or a smartphone, too. Chances are, you don’t need to go buy new equipment to start listening. Use the devices that you already have.

Legal Issues

Many Milwaukee residents wonder if listening into local police activity using a scanner is legal. The answer is that it is legal, as long as you don’t listen into the encrypted data, telephone calls, cell phones or telephone networks. Avoid these things and you can listen to your heart’s content. Some police departments have switched to cell phone communication so that you, the public can’t listen legally. That makes it all the more important to listen in and hold these public workers accountable.

There are many free services that bring you Milwaukee radio feeds for free. They are not all made the same, so you need to make sure that what you check out the features of each service and exercise caution. Some services make you download things to your computer or tool bar, and you might want to consider listening to online feeds instead, to avoid any risks associated with downloading. You can easily search for Milwaukee on this website: A quick search of the site brings you Milwaukee’s police feed.

There are other places on the web that you can go to access live feeds of Milwaukee police radio. These are: Broadcastify,, and These websites are organized by location and type of broadcast. They also offer other types of broadcast streaming, so it’s a convenient way to listen to all types of radio broadcasts in one place. These sites focus on simplicity, and bringing you quality streaming from Milwaukee, Wisconsin and around the United States.

With these modern and easy-to-use streaming formats, listening to all of the latest news from Milwaukee, Wisconsin has never been more convenient. You can even learn about how law enforcement works and the dispatching process by listening to these feeds. Sometimes, law enforcement events are even humorous, and you can hear it before anyone else by listening to these live feeds.

By using a feed to listen to police activity, you can avoid accidentally listening in on a telephone conversation. If that happens, it’s bad news for you because it’s probably illegal. Use these online services to avoid that danger and listen directly to the law enforcement streaming activity of your choice. You never have to be bored again.