Nevada Police Academy Requirements and NV Qualifications

One of the most challenging places to work in law enforcement is in the State of Nevada. The entertainment industry is large in the State of Nevada, and that means lots of tourists come in and out of the state each day. This poses some challenges for police to do their work effectively. The state is also a beautiful place to work, with the Hoover Dam and breathtaking desserts just some of the natural attractions in the state.

With so much intrigue, it’s not surprising that many find the thought of working in a police department in Nevada alluring. Because of the unique challenges in the state for police work, Nevada is quite strict when it comes to identifying, screening and then training potential law enforcement officers. There are a lot of things you’ve got to do if you’re interested in this type of work in the State of Nevada.

To start, you can’t be under the age of twenty-one. You have to have either a GED or a high school diploma, but of course, if you have more education than that or even a criminal justice degree, it’s very helpful when you’re applying for jobs and up against other qualified candidates. Applicants go through a background check that’s extensive. They look into your criminal history to see if you have a problem following the laws that you want to enforce.

In addition to a criminal background check, you can’t be a law enforcement officer if you use or abuse drugs. You are tested for these things before you can even start. They also check your driving record to make sure that you aren’t a danger to the public. Some of the background check can get really personal, including looking into your past employers and even your landlords. Expect them to run your credit, too. They think that if you don’t pay your bills it reflects on your honesty.

When you want to work for a police department in the State of Nevada, you have to pass a physical fitness test. You are tested on some physical fitness metrics that demonstrate strength and aerobic fitness. You also have to take a pretty intensive physical and show the testing board the results. You need a psychological evaluation, too. This is to make sure that you can handle the mental demands of the job.

Meeting the minimum qualifications is one thing, and finding a job is another. You probably need more than a high school education if you want to stand out from other applicants. If you’re going to college, consider majoring in criminal justice or psychology. It also helps not just to pass your physical fitness testing, but to nail it.

If you want to get a leg up on what you learn in police training, it’s a good idea to read Prepare For The Police Academy. Law enforcement professionals came together to write this book to help you learn what you need to do in order to succeed in the police academy. You learn how you can prepare for the physical fitness test.

They give you helpful primers on the academic material you need to know, like the constitution and criminal law, so that these things aren’t foreign concepts when you arrive for training. You can get Prepare for the Police Academy at

With one shot to launch your career in the industry of law enforcement, it’s worth it to invest in a product that helps you not only survive training, but thrive in the challenging environment that you encounter in police training and later on the job.

In Nevada, there is a department that offers training, both for new recruits and for licensed officers alike. New officer training can take as long as four months. During training, they evaluate your physical abilities, of course, but they also make sure that you can read, write and think. You have to get a good score on your examinations in order to pass your basic training. The standard is about eighty percent on your exams.

For people who are interested, you can go for highway patrol as a career in police work. This training takes as long as five months in certain circumstances. Some concepts are similar and others are different than in standard police training in Nevada.

With so many current officers headed into retirement, your prospects for this career in Nevada are good. Surely it’s a career that gives you a few stories to tell. Read Prepare For The Police Academy before you embark on your journey. Get ready for the ride of a lifetime.

County Sheriff & Local Police Departments in NV

Carson City
Clark Constable
Clark Marshals Division
Clark Park Police
White Pine

Boulder City
Mesquite Constable
North Las Vegas Constable
North Las Vegas
West Wendover
Las Vegas Metropolitan Police (LVMPD)