Oregon Police Academy Requirements

Being a police officer in the state of Oregon is definitely something to be proud of and it’s one of the most respectable careers anyone can have. But a career in law enforcement does come with some sacrifices, but at the end of the day you can feel extremely good about the fact that you’re one of the people in your state trying to make a difference.

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Police Officer Requirements in Oregon

So just like with any other career, there are a set of requirements that each applicant must meet in order to become a police officer. For starters, the applicant must possess a driver’s license issued by the state of Oregon. Second, the applicant must be a legal citizen of the United States of America.

Third, the applicant can not have any prior felony convictions or high-level misdemeanor convictions. But if you have a minor misdemeanor on your record from years ago, it may not affect your chances of being able to participate in training. After a background check is done, they will let you know if it’s an issue.

Also, the applicant must be in great shape. To become a police officer, it takes lots of endurance, and if you’re out of shape, it will show during the physical exams.

Also, the applicant must have at least a high school diploma or a GED. And if he or she has a college degree or some college credits, that may improve the chances of actually passing the interview process.

The type of degrees that are most useful for this type of career is common degrees in the following fields: criminology, sociology, psychology, criminal justice and communications. Another thing that may beneficial is volunteering as a reserve officer.

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There are several tests that the applicant must pass in order to become a police officer. These series of tests usually consists of a physical fitness test, written test and an interview. The written tests cover things such as the applicant’s ability to read, writing communication and also observations skills.

The oral interview will involve either a one on one with a board member or it could be a panel setting with members of law enforcement. There are several factors that determine whether or not it will be a one on one or panel setting, but one doesn’t have more impact than the other.

Another part of this test is the lie detector test. Basically, this test is given to determine whether or not you were being completely truthful with the information you put on your applicant and the info you gave during the oral interview and test.

This is another type of test that has a low tolerance level. Meaning if they that you were being untruthful regarding 1 or more questions, that could be enough to disqualify you from continuing on with the interview process.

As for the physical test, this is one of the most important parts of the testing process. Basically, this test will help determine your overall fitness level. Applicants with low scores of the physical exam can not pass on to the rest of the interview process regardless of how well they may have scored on the earlier tests.

They set it up this way because one of the most important aspects to being a police officer is being in good shape. The test will include several different exercises such as pushups, situps, walking, running, stair climbing and even vaults.


So once you’re done with all the tests, training and interviews, you’re then able to become an actual police officer in the state of Oregon. And while the training process can take weeks, the actual hiring process can take only a few days at the most. Mainly because right now there is a high demand for officers.

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