Police Scanner Apps For Free

It doesn’t cost a thing to listen live to police radio. Police scanners have moved online and they are easier to listen to than ever before. There are a lot of ways to access police scanners for your information and entertainment.

Some websites broadcast police communications and transmissions. You can listen live by going to these websites. Another way you can listen in is by downloading one of a number of police scanner apps to your smart phone. These apps also provide information on how to listen to the scanner and how to find the information or feed that you’re looking for.

There are lots of reasons that people today listen to police scanners. This is an important way that journalists find out about crime and emergency events in their area, so that they can report on these events for the public. Concerned citizens can also follow crime and other sudden events that happen by listening to a police scanner. It’s also an important way for citizens to hold law enforcement accountable for the public service they are hired to perform.

If you’re wondering where to go to listen to police scanner, keep reading to learn about your options. Make sure you check the local laws in your area. Listening in to police activity is legal in most states, but you want to make sure that there aren’t local restrictions that could get you into trouble.

Apps for Police Scanners Free

Developers have made listening in to a police scanner as easy as a phone app. There are a number of different apps that each offer a variety of features and function:

1. 5-0 Radio Police Scanner

This app is one of the most popular for police scanners. Get it here from the Apple App Store and listen on your iPad or iPhone. For Android users, you can download it here.There’s no charge to use it. You just have to download it to a compatible device and join one of the more than 11 million people who use the app.

This free app is so popular because it brings you so many things from around the world. There are emergency feeds from many cities, states and even countries. There are also ham radio feeds to keep you entertained and listen to authentic, grassroots broadcasting. The app organizes the different feeds by location, so you can search by city, state or country to find what you’re looking for. You can also use the app to share content with others.

To make your listening meaningful, the app gives you a a reference guide. You can use it to understand police codes and meanings. That way, you know what’s happening and what the police are saying. This is a great place to start if you’re wondering where to go to listen to police scanner.

2. Scanner Radio Pro

If you don’t have an iPhone, you can still get great police scanning apps. Scanner Radio Pro works on Android systems. There is a low cost of three dollars, but once you have the app you can scan channels for live updates and insider information.

This app is unique in that it lets you know how many people are listening to a feed at any given time. If more than 1000 people are on any one channel at once, chances are there’s something big going on. This is a great app if you want to listen to news unfold from a variety of locations. They also have a function for top feeds, so this is also a great way to find the excitement happening at any given moment. There are was to browse for what you want to listen to by location and by genre with Scanner Radio Pro

3. Emergency Radio

The Apple App Store offers this app for just a one-time fee of one dollar. This app works by picking up a spectrum of radio broadcasts. Of course, these broadcasts are police related, and the app brings the broadcasts straight to you. This app constantly adds to the feeds available through its service.

The app is user friendly. You can save your favorite channels so that you have an easy way to access them the next time you want to tune in. You can also search for channels so you can find what you’re looking for. Emergency Radio knows you like to multitask, too, so it lets you listen to the feeds while you use other apps on your Apple smartphone.

4. Police Scanner Apps – Other

These are not the only apps you can use to listen to what the police are doing. iTunes is a way you can use Cop Radio Police Scanner, another popular police scanning service. If you want to use Google Play you can look for Police Scanner Free. Police Scanner 5-0 also works with Google Play.

Tips on Police Codes

Police need to communicate information quickly. To do this, they often rely on police codes. Here are some common codes that might help you understand what you’re listening to as you learn where to go to listen to police scanner:

10-0 Caution; 10-1 The signal is weak; 10-2 Good signal; 10-3 Don’t transmit; 10-4 I got the message; 10-5 Relay the message; 10-6 Busy; 10-7 No service; 10-8 In service; 10-9 Please repeat; 10-10 Ongoing fight; 10-11 Problem with an Animal; 10-15 Disturbance; 10-16 Domestic Issue; 10-17 Urgent Issue; 10-31 Crime in progress; 10-70 Fire alarm sounding; 10-78 Assistance requested

These are just some of the codes that law enforcement uses to communicate. With this knowledge, you know where to go to listen to police scanner. Find your favorite scan and sit back and listen to news unfold. Stay in the know and enjoy all the action.