Online Police Scanner Free

There are plenty of people, such as CB and radio enthusiasts, who likes listening to local police radio scanners. And typically, police these days communicate over low frequency radio waves, which fortunately for enthusiasts, are extremely easy to intercept.

So if you happen to tune into the right frequency, you would be able to listen to not only local police radio, but a few other public service communications such as ham, firefighters, weather reports, marine and emergency services and much more!

And because it’s so much easier now to listen in on local police radio, we’ve decided to create a guide to help! This in-depth guide will show you step by step how to get started listening to local police radio online completely free! There are a few ways to get started.

If you have a laptop or desktop, you will need access to the internet and simply sign up on a website that features some type of free scanner streaming service. But if you would rather listen to it on your hand held mobile device, such as a smartphone or a tablet, you would just have to install a free app.

Using a Mobile App to Listen to Local Police Radio

The most popular way to listen on to local police radio is through a mobile device. Not only is it easier to setup, but you can also listen to the radio while on the go! So having said that, here’s a list of the best apps available right now:

1. MyScanner Police Radio Scanner: This is one of the most popular apps available for android mobile devices and it’s completely free! It lets you search for all local police scanners in your area. And it also lets you listen to railroad and marine communication.

2. 5 – 0 Police Scanner: If you have an iOS device, this is the app you need to check out! They’re 2 versions, lite and paid, but with both versions features marine, police, ham, and emergency radios for your iPad or iPhone. Visit the iTunes app store to download it.

3. Police Scanner Radio: This is the second most popular app for the iOS devices such as the iPhone and iPad. And not only does it enables you to listen in on US scanners, but you also get access to scanners located in Asia and Europe! Setting up the app is extremely easy, especially if all you want to do is listen in on police frequencies. To download it, visit the iTunes app store.

4. Police Scanner Free: Of all the apps we’ve listed so far, this is is the most user-friendly of them all. It has amazing features including frequencies located in the United States and other popular countries.

It also displays the closest police frequencies first in the list, so it makes finding and listening to frequencies with the strongest signals easy! This app is available on Android and you can download it today from the Google Play app store.

A Few Websites That Lets You Listen to Local Police Radio

Now, if you want to listen to radio frequencies from home, you can simply visit the following 2 websites to get started: This amazing site boasts a member total of more than 700,000! And for good reason! It provides users with an extremely detailed list of all available police scanners online. So all you simply have to do is select the one you want to listen to and you get to listen in for free! And best of all, not only can you listen to free live audio streaming, but you can also chat with thousands of members on one of their several online chat forums. And for those who are looking for more in-depth information you can check out their user-edited reference guide with tons of interesting info!

Broadcastify: While it doesn’t have as many channels as Radio Reference, Broadcastify still has an impressive number of live streams with a total of more than 3,000.

The website is extremely easy to navigate, with a list of all of the available frequencies conveniently located just a few clicks from the homepage.

One awesome feature is the ability for members to broadcast their own live stream. And for those of you on the go, Broadcastify has a mobile version.

So if you’re interested in listening to local police radio online or other public service communication online, be sure to check out the apps and websites we mentioned above. You will definitely be glad you did!