Listen To Rock County Police Scanner Online Free

If you’re among the many people in Rock County, Wisconsin who are trying to find out a way to listen to live police radio frequencies for free over the web, you need not look any further. This article is all about how to listen to Rock County police scanners on your phone, tablet or computer.

One can listen to police scanner frequencies online, either by tuning into broadcasts on the computer, or by using any of the download-able police scanner apps on your smart phone. The apps, are, however, a more ideal choice since they help those who wish to learn the way to listen to live police scanner online.

Contrary to popular belief, there are many parties interested in listening yo police radio frequencies. These include concerned citizens and journalists, who can get accurate, first-hand information on the various happenings in their local area by listening to these broadcasts. Police scanner apps are also, for the larger extent, very legal.

That said, you must always find out the word regarding these apps in your local area. While they are, for the most part, legal in most states, some states do restrict residents from using these apps under certain conditions.

Police Scanner Apps For Rock County

A variety of police scanner apps are available, each of which are applicable for different phone models. The following are some of the most popular police scanner apps:

5-0 Radio Police Scanner

Loaded with ham and emergency radio, the 5-0 Radio Police Scanner feeds from all around the globe – all you need to do is browse by city, state or country and save the favorites. The app has a reference guide for the police 10 codes and meanings, and can easily be shared with friends, family and acquaintances.

Featuring among the most downloaded apps, the 5-0 Radio Police Scanner has over 11 million users and can be downloaded from the Apple App Store for free.

Scanner Radio Pro

Yet another popular police scanner app, the Scanner Radio Pro allows you scan channels while waiting for news about big events. If you’re trying to look for feeds in emergency situations, you should use the app to check when more than 1000 users tune into any channel. The Scanner Radio Pro can also be used to view the top 50 police broadcast feeds. All you have to do is browse by genre and locaton.

Scanner Radio Pro is available on all Android operating systems at an affordable price of $3.

Emergency Radio

Picking up the largest number of police radio feeds, Emergency Radio allows you to listen in to information that is relayed between the officers of the law enforcement. It also has other interesting options like searching and saving your favorite channels and listening in to the feeds in the background while you run other apps on your Apple device. One of the fastest growing apps, Emergency Radio is available on the Apple App Store at an affordable price of $1.


Besides the aforementioned, there are many other police scanner apps that you can download and listen to for free. These include:

Cop Radio Police Scanner- works for iTunes

Police Scanner Free- works on Google Play

Police Scanner 5- 0 which also works on Google Play


In order to communicate efficiently and effectively, the police use certain “codes” that help them convey messages swiftly and easily. If you want to properly understand what the police are actually saying, you must have a thorough knowledge of these codes when you listen to police scanner frequencies live online.

Some of the codes that are commonly used by the police are as follows:

10-0 signifies Cautions

10-1 signifies a weak signal

10-2 signifies a good signal

10-3 means Stop transmitting

10-4 means Message Received

10-5 signifies Relay

10-6 signifies Busy

10-7 means ‘out of service’

10-8 means ‘in service’

10-9 means ‘Repeat’

10-10 signifies a ‘fight in progress’


The following is a list of codes that the police uses in case of emergency situations:

10-11 is used to report an animal problem

10-15 is used to report a civil disturbance

10-16 is used to report a domestic problem

10-18 is used to report an urgent situation

10-31 is used to report a crime in progress

10-70 is used to report a fire alarms

10-78 is used to request for assistance

The aforementioned are only some of the many quotes that the police use to communicate conveniently and effectively. Upon downloading the police scanner app and following the required instructions on how to use it, all you will need to do is sit back and get the updates that are streamed to your device.