Listen to San Diego Police Scanner Online Free

If you’re interested in trying out a police scanner, you don’t need the cumbersome equipment they used twenty years ago. Today, you can use the internet to find a website that streams the transmissions instead. And there are no shortage of options.

A quick internet search reveals all kinds of available police scanners with a variety of features to help you listen in conveniently on your computer or phone.

You have to be careful, though. When you’re trying to listen to the San Diego (SDPD) online, you have to be careful about malware. There are many great websites that offer scanning and the ability to stop and rewind the feed. Others use your interest in police scanning as a way to slip you malware and attack your computer. Here are some great sites you can use to listen to the action as it unfolds:

1. Scan San Diego – This is a public interest website that has no advertisements. It operates for people who are enthusiastic about San Diego’s law enforcement, and it manages to operate without advertisements. The website uses servers with impressive capacity, so there’s not a high chance of this service crashing during peak periods. You can access the scanner on the landing page of this website. They’ve programmed the site so that the scanner loads before everything else, so it’s user focused and ready for you to listen to San Diego (SDPD) online today.

2. Broadcastify – This website offers a variety of audio streaming, and the San Diego Police Department is one of those options. This website handles a variety of genres and serves listeners from the entire country and beyond, so it’s a high-capacity site that can handle spikes in traffic. It can also support a direct feed to a player on your computer, including winamp, itunes and media player.

You have to search for San Diego in the search box at the bottom of the landing page. You should find it under exact matches when you search. You can then click on the county name and you see a list of railway, fire and police scanners to choose from. Choose your feed of choice and click the button to start listening.

3.  – This website caters to radio listeners, but it’s easy to navigate after you get used to it. Unfortunately, the website doesn’t offer a search feature, so you have to get the hang of following the links. You can find San Diego under the list of USA options.

4. Streema – You get 136 scanners with this website. You can also access some international feeds in Canada and New Zealand. There is a search function on this website, so you type in San Diego. You find the search box on the right corner of the page on top. Once you search, you get a list of cities and San Diego should be the first result. Click on the link and you see your options from there. When you click on what you want, the stream starts.

With these options, you can listen to the San Diego (SDPD) police scans all hours of the day or night. There are a variety of options. Most allow you to search, and streaming players available online make listening in to law enforcement easy and fun.