Listen to Live Seattle Police Radio Scanner Online Free

Sometimes when I hear a police car drive by my house here in Seattle, I wonder what’s going on. Or at times, when a fire truck or EMS arrives at my complex I’m anxious to know exactly what’s going on. Well, thanks to a few free websites online, I can listen in on what’s happening directly from the source as it’s happening in real time. A few times, I would notice traffic stops near me where the person driving the car or truck was intoxicated (easily one of the best times to listen in because it’s usually always entertaining) or had an active arrest warrant. Or sometimes there are break-ins or fights.

Easily Tune Into Seattle, Washington Police scanner frequencies

Want to hear exactly what the different departments such as the police depts and fire depts are hearing at any given moment? Well, now it’s extremely easy! First, you start by going to your favorite search engine, which for most people is either or, and do a simple search for popular keywords such as “police scanner apps” or “free online police scanner“. Usually, no matter which phrase you search for, you going to end up with the same results. But you have to be extra careful when searching for sites that provide free frequency broadcasting.

Find Out How To Stream Live Seattle Police Radio Feeds

Some sites may seem like they are totally legit, but in reality, they are not. You can usually tell the difference easily. First, if they ask you for any personal information to create an account, most likely it’s a scam. Or if they tell you that you have to download a taskbar or some type of software before being able to listen in to the frequencies, then most like it’s a scam also. There are plenty of great sites that lets you listen to police and fire dept scanners absolutely free of charge.

Online Streams Of Live Seattle Police Radio Feeds

So, once you find the site that you like the best, you can now start navigating it. Usually, you will be sent to the section the has a list of all the scanner frequencies that are available on the site. And also, you should be able to narrow the list of channels down by the city, state or even the geographic region.

Once you visit the channel you’re interested in, just simple click on the scanner frequency and you’re all set to listen in on the fun for hours or for however long you would like. There is no limit so you can literally spend an entire day listening in on how various public departments communicate with each other.

A Few Of Our Favorite Sites for Seattle police radio streams

And that’s it really. Once you become more familiar with navigating the different websites, listening to the different frequencies will become more enjoyable. Mainly because you’ll learn exactly when is the best time to tune in. A few of out favorite sites are Streema.comtunein.comwww.Broadcastify and They’re all legal websites so feel free to visit them today!