Virginia Police Academy Training

Virginia is known for a lot of things, and having an amazing police force is one of those things. Right now, the state of Virginia is looking for qualified applicants to help keep the citizens protected at all times. Now, while Virginia is not known to have crime compared to other states, that doesn’t mean that crimes aren’t committed every day. So if you want to enter the world of law enforcement, then this guide will help you learn about what to expect from the initial training to graduation. Also, for more in-depth guides on everything you need to know about becoming a police officer, be sure to visit today!

Becoming an official police officer in Virginia

Now as anyone can expect, becoming a police officer in the state of Virginia is not an easy task. There is a certain set of requirements that each applicant must have, there are many tests that need to be passed and interviews that need to be given. It may seem like a lot, but once you pass your first exam, the rest is not too difficult, mainly because you will know what to expect at that point. For starters, every applicant must be at least 18 years of age or older to apply. Also, each applicant needs to have at least a high school diploma or a GED. The applicant must also be a citizen of the United States of America. A background check will be administered, for obvious reasons. And lastly, the applicant must have good driving record, have no prior felony convictions, and must be able to go through an entire medical exam with no issues along with submitting a drug test.

Now, once you make it through that, then that’s when you will have to take a written exam and a fitness test. The fitness test can be brutal for some because it involves exercises such as running, pushups, and situps. So that means that if you’re not that into exercising, or you know for a fact you’re out of shape, then now’s the time to start working out so you can be ready for the physical fitness exam. This is important because no matter how well you do on the other tests, you can not become a police officer is the state of Virginia without passing the fitness test first.

If you’re able to pass all of the initial exams and tests, that’s when they will begin the background check. Now the background check is nothing to be concerned about unless you have prior convictions. Usually, if they see any prior felonies or high-level misdemeanors, then the applicant will automatically be disqualified. But some misdemeanors are accepted, it only depends on what type and the verdict (meaning if you were convicted). Also during the background check, they may interview your family and close friends to see what type of character and morals you have. They do this to weed out anyone they feel don’t have the morals or character to become a good police officer. If you want to know more about what to expect during the initial interview and exam phase, be sure to visit for more info.

Police Academies In Virginia

The next step is attending the actual police academy. In the state of Virginia, there are at least 10 different academies you can be sent to. This phase of training is very important because here you will learn all the necessary criminal codes and traffic codes. You will also learn how to properly write a report. Also you’ll learn how to use a firearm. Now, most police officers actually can go years without ever having to even draw their weapons from the holster. But because you never know what may happen while on patrol, it’s crucial that each applicant knows exactly how and when to use a firearm.

A few other things you will learn at the police academy is minor things such as how to position your vehicle on the road whenever you stop someone for a regular traffic violation and for something more major like a felony stop. You will also learn the proper way to search a car, building and even the proper way to frisk a suspect. You will also go through a few hours of self-defense classes to learn how to defend yourself without having to use your gun.

After Graduation

Ok, if you make it through all of the tests, interviews, and training, the next step in graduation. Once you graduate you will then be able to get a full-time police officer job. And in Virginia, the starting salary is $50,000 per year. That is extremely high considering that Virginia has a pretty low cost of living rate. Plus you’ll be able to make more money working overtime and working at special events. So now that you know what’s expected from you to become a police officer, we suggest visiting for more in-depth guides that will help you every step of the way!