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Here is what the Pass The Police Exam Platinum package includes:

Pass The Police Exam Platinum
Package includes:

Everything from the basic Package, plus these EIGHT extremely valuable add-ons:

Upgrade Component #1: Prepare For The Polygraph(Valued At: $29.99)

The polygraph test is a very critical stage of the hiring process. It will determine if you move on to the next phase of the hiring process or not. If you fail the polygraph test chances are you will not get a do-over. You’ll get eliminated and must wait 6-9 months before you can re-take the pre-employment written exam all over again.

So, yes the polygraph test is very important. Don’t take it for granted. In this book I will walk you through what to expect, and how to prepare for it. Unlike other polygraph reports on the internet, I don’t teach you ways to cheat the system, which is NEVER a good thing by the way. If that’s what you’re looking to do, you’re in the wrong profession.

Upgrade Component #2: Police Radio Communication 101 (Valued At: $24.99)

Remember that every time you say something on the radio you’re probably being heard by a few hundred people via police scanners. That’s not including people who listen to the radio on the internet. So, there’s a good chance there’s a few thousand people listening to your every word. Trust me, If you say something unprofessional, you’ll hear about it pronto.

How you communicate on the radio is a very important component of police work. That’s why I’m going to reveal “5 Things You Must Know About Police Radio Etiquette.” I’ve seen recruits struggle mightily with their radio communication, but you’ll have no problem after reading this report.

Upgrade Component #3: Report Writing Secrets (Valued: $34.99)

Report writing is the single most important element of police work. While TV shows and movies usually fast forward to the foot pursuits, or vehicle chases, they never reveal what happens right after you take the bad guy to jail.

Shows like COPS usually show all the high octane, action packed incidents, but will completely neglect the single most vital element of the case, which is the report afterwards. Seriously, you don’t want to write a lousy report, you’ll be dog meat for a defense attorney.

In this report writing ebook, you’ll learn how to be accurate and professional, and avoid rookie mistakes on your report .

Upgrade Component #4: Field Training Evaluation Program (Valued: $22.99)

The field training and evaluation process was designed to prepare rookie officers in training to perform the essential duties of a police officer. This phase of the process is extremely important. It’s not uncommon to see recruits make it through the hiring process, and then the police academy, but fail the field training evaluation program.

If you don’t successfully complete the field training and evaluation program with a satisfactory grade, you won’t continue employment with your respective police department. That’s why this report is so vital. In this report, I take you by the hand and teach you the most common mistakes to avoid, and how to have your Field Training Officer (FTO) champing at the bit to leave you high marks on your daily evaluation report.

Upgrade Component #5: Survive Your Rookie Year (Valued: $17.99)

Everything is going to change for you once you put on that uniform and start patrolling the streets every day. You’ll be under more pressure to perform than you ever have been in your life…and the pressure will be constant. Some new officers can’t take the stress and they wash out…but you’re going to know how to deal with that stress without letting it effect your work or home life because I’m going to share the inside info that successful police officers know about surviving that first year.

Upgrade Component #6: Police Academy Bodyweight Prep Guide (Valued: $17.99)

So many poor souls end up either getting kicked out of the police academy or quit due to the physical & mental stress placed on their body. Training Instructors are taught hundreds of different ways to impose mental/psychological stress on recruits, so it’s easy to assume that some recruits just can’t handle it.

The irony is that some of the most athletic, muscular recruits (like high school football players) end up failing at the police academy due to the physical stress or “mind games” that Instructors play with their recruits. I will show you how to overcome the physical stress that will be put on your body by getting you into ultra shape.

Many of my Cop friends would freak if they knew I was showing you this in my police academy prep guide. I understand their anger. They had to learn about the rigors of the police academy the hard way. So did I.

Upgrade Component #7:  Ask-A-Cop Personal Email Pass (Value: $249)

When I mentioned that I wanted you to have the best opportunity for success, I really met it. That’s why I’m including one of the most valuable ad-ons, I could possibly offer with this package: a real 1-on-1 email support with me. You’ll have direct access to ME. Go ahead and ask me anything (I don’t care what it is, there are no “stupid” questions with me. Ask me anything).

Here’s how this works: Once you download the manual, and go through the course material, simply email me if you have any questions. I will then respond within 24-48 hours with a detailed answer for you.

Upgrade Component #8: Fit For Duty Strength & Conditioning Demonstration (Value: $99.95)

We’ve all heard the jokes about fat cops and doughnuts, and to be honest with you, we deserve it. There’s plenty of out of shape cops in every city or town. But YOU won’t suffer the same fate because I’m going to grant you instant access to the mother of all workouts, my underground Fit For Duty Video Vault.

My Fit For Duty video vault have become one of my most popular collections, providing you with explosive exercises that will keep you in super shape throughout your career. Videos include the Firemen Pull, Foot Pursuit Sprints, Spiderman Pushups, Ultimate Demon Lunges and more.

You’ll get ridiculous lean in a short period of time even if you don’t have a gym membership. With this bonus, you’ll see me perform up to 75+ high impact stretch band exercises. These intense, but high effective exercises that you’ll have access to is one of the main reasons why I was able to drop my body fat index to single digits in just 12 weeks.

And the answer is “Yes!” These exercises are available 24/7, even at 2 A.M. in the morning. You can even use these high octane exercises at home even if you only have the bare minimum exercise equipment…I’ve got you covered!

As you can see, the total value of the upgrade package is a whopping $364.86. Add that to the $406.85 main package and you’ve got:

$771.71 in Total Value

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